[URBANTH-L]ANN: Katrina Research Project on Equity (KRPE)

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Thu Feb 8 17:45:52 EST 2007

From: Meredith Bethune <mbethune at tulane.edu>

Katrina Research Project on Equity (KRPE) A Network for Research on Race
and Class in the Post-Katrina Recovery A Project of The Southern Institute
for Education and Research Tulane University (Discussion List Subscription
Instructions Below)

The Southern Institute for Education and Research at Tulane University in
New Orleans started the Katrina Research Project on Equity (KRPE -
pronounced KRPE) as a clearinghouse and network for research on the impact
of race and class in the Post-Katrina recovery process in the Gulf Coast
and displaced communities.  KRPE facilitates communication and
collaboration among researchers, volunteers, and community groups
interested in research on the problems and remedies of race and class
disparities in reconstruction programs.  KRPE connects researchers to
organizations in New Orleans and the Diaspora that need research services
in either grant-supported or volunteer form.  KRPE's overriding goal is to
encourage community-directed research that promotes a just and equitable

The Southern Institute has launched a new web site dedicated exclusively
to KRPE.  The site, www.katrinaresearch.org, is a tool to facilitate
networking and collaboration among researchers who want to study the
impact of race and class in the post-Katrina recovery.  It has a
searchable database of more than 100 completed and ongoing research
projects on Hurricane Katrina.  Visitors to the site can add projects to
the research database or propose new research initiatives.  Volunteers can
search for opportunities to participate in ongoing or proposed projects. 
The web site also offers a quick and easy way for researchers and
volunteers to subscribe to the KRPE e-mail discussion list, which is the
best way to stay apprised of research developments and opportunities.  It
is a moderated list with open subscription.  All postings will be reviewed
by the list moderator before posting to determine if they are appropriate.
 Here is another way to subscribe to the list:

1.  Send an email to LISTSERV at tulane.edu

2.  Leave the subject line blank

3.  In the body of the message type: SUBSCRIBE KATRINARESEARCH-L YOUR NAME

4.  Make sure there is no signature or any other text in the message
space.  If you have difficulties subscribing, simple send an email to
so-inst at tulane.edu with the word "subscribe" and your name in the subject

You can also subscribe by visiting our website at www.katrinaresearch.org


Research Projects: Post descriptions of ongoing research projects for
discussion or general interest.

 Volunteers Needed: Post descriptions of ongoing research projects that
need volunteers.  Be sure that you detail volunteer qualifications,
responsibilities, and time frameworks.  Community groups in search of
research services can post what their needs are.

 Proposed New Research Projects: Post proposed research projects for
discussion or in search of partners (research, community group, or
volunteer partners).  These may be "virtual" research groups that
communicate, research, and produce reports entirely via the internet or in
combination with field work in the storm region.

 Completed Research: Post abstracts of completed research or links to full

 Challenges of Social Justice Research: Post experiences and thoughts on
the special challenges of recovery research in the areas of race and

Research and Training Resources: Post announcements about research
resources, educational and training opportunities, public events, links to
articles and other relevant electronic resources, and funding resources.

 General News: Post news and bulletin articles relevant to the list

 Logistical Aids: Post information on community partners, and travel and
housing resources in the gulf-coast region.

 We do not recommend that list members post general offers to volunteer on
the discussion list at this time.  The web site will be a more efficient
tool for matching volunteers to appropriate projects.  On the other hand,
if you do not see any research projects of interest on the discussion
list, feel free to post a proposal for one that may interest other list
members, including academicians, community groups, or volunteers.

This is new territory for all of us.  As times progress and the Southern
Institute increases its staffing we will offer more "on the ground"
services.  We currently provide workspace, internet access, and housing
for researchers and volunteers.  Please keep us apprised of how you use
this list (successes, failures, recommendations) so that we can make it a
more effective resource.  All communication to the list moderator should
be sent to so-inst at tulane.edu .

Please forward this announcement to other individuals or discussion


Meredith Bethune 
Project Coordinator, Katrina Research Project on Equity 
Southern Institute for Education and Research 
Tulane University MR Box 1692 
31 McAlister Drive New Orleans, LA 70118-5555 
(504) 247-1624 
so-inst at tulane.edu 

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