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From: Stephen Macek <shmacek at noctrl.edu>

Hi all, check out this new video on media representations of poverty 
and the inner city. A low-resolution, streaming version is available 
free online via Google Video (see details below).

Labor Beat #515: Demonizing the Inner City - Ideology and the Urban Poor

In this video presentation, I analyze the hysteria over the central 
city and the urban poor that permeated American politics and popular 
culture in the 1980s and 90s. I dissect the way mainstream politicians 
(Rudolph Giuliani, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr.) , 
conservative intellectuals and the corporate media conspired to 
demonize inner city neighborhoods and their residents. In particular, I 
discuss the way that TV news reproduced and validated the right's 
stigmatizing, victim blaming images of the urban poor.  Ultimately, I 
critique the reactionary political interests served by this divisive 
discourse on urban pathology and points to what activists can do to 
counter its destructive influence.


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Steve Macek
Assistant Professor
Speech Communication
North Central College

Webpage: http://stephen.macek.faculty.noctrl.edu/

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