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Sat Feb 10 11:52:52 EST 2007

Dear Colleagues, 

I'm trying to put together a panel on race and urban space for the AAA 2007. The preliminary abstract is:

Race and Urban Space


Race, as a social category, has long been one of the primary markers of difference used to order social, spatial, economic, and political relations in cities. From restrictive housing covenants to racialized ghettoes, police brutality to race riots, gang violence to municipal politics based on racial representation, and through the circulation of images of racialized urban space through popular culture, urban space is marked by a complex cartography of racialized difference. The papers in this panel explore different aspects of the racialization of urban space and social relations in cities. 

If you're interested in participating, please contact

Beth Baker-Cristales
Assistant Professor
California State University, Los Angeles
bcristales at msn.com<mailto:bcristales at msn.com>
bbakerc at calstatela.edu<mailto:bbakerc at calstatela.edu>

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