[URBANTH-L]New Book Series: Metropolitan Ethnographies

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Sun Feb 11 14:52:50 EST 2007

Dear All,

We wish to announce the inauguration of a new book series, Metropolitan 
Ethnographies: Critical Anthropologies of the Urban Landscape.  This series 
should be of interest to the members of this list.  You can find more 
information at:


We look forward to hearing from you about your work.

Best regards,
Jeff Maskovsky and Hilary Cunningham

Metropolitan Ethnographies
A Series Edited by Jeff Maskovsky and Hilary Cunningham
The theoretical, political, and economic grounds for studying cities are in 
flux, and new ethnographic approaches are poised to move the field of urban 
studies forward in exciting directions. The Metropolitan Ethnographies 
series will serve as an intellectual space in which important theoretical 
and political discussions about the nature of urbanism take place. Books in 
the series will infuse studies of culture and political economy with a 
thoroughly ethnographic perspective to contribute a new understanding of 
21st century urbanism. Titles will offer fine-grained ethnographic analyses 
of the systemic forces, power relations, and spatial dynamics that form the 
foundations for how cities work. Projects on metropolises and their environs 
from across the globe (including North America ) will be strongly 
encouraged, as will studies that offer comparative and multi-sited analyses 
of urban norms and forms.

Two different types of books will be published in the series:
Anchor books, which are broadly focused, cutting edge statements on emerging 
topics in the field.  Organized as single- or multi-authored extended 
essays, they will be specifically designed to demonstrate the contribution 
of ethnography to a variety of urban topics.  Examples of the themes we 
envision for these books include:

.Urban Social Movements
.Urban Security
.Sustainable Cities and Environmental Justice
.The Global City and Global Justice
.Cities and Racism
.Urban Class Cultures
.Cities, Citizenship and Civil Society
.The Suburban
.Postcolonial Cities

In addition to anchor books, the series will consist of single-authored, 
ethnographic work that advances the field theoretically and empirically. 
Topics might include:

.The Politics of Urban Economic Development
.The Cultural Politics of Protest in Urban Areas
.The Corporatization of Urban Higher Education
.Gentrification and Environmental Justice
.Neoracism and Neoliberalism
.Urbanization and The Prison Industry
.Immigrant Rights and Urban Culture on the West Coast
.Transnational Labor Movements and Urban Immigration

While working collaboratively with both established and up-and-coming 
authors, the editors will endeavor to have all contributors bring new 
insights to the subject matter. A signal feature of the series is that it 
will take political economy, contemporary urban realities, and urban 
sustainability as core problematics. As new global forms of government, 
culture, economy and politics transform the urban landscape, there is a 
vital need for new critical work on cities and their environs.  The books 
that comprise Metropolitan Ethnographies will build on and expand the 
critical anthropological tradition and, in doing so, offer important work 
that seeks to define the debates and issues in the field.

Please send inquiries to:
Jeff Maskovsky (Jeff_Maskovsky at qc.edu) and Hilary Cunningham 
(hilary.cunningham at utoronto.ca).

Series Editors
Jeff Maskovsky is Assistant Professor of Urban Studies at Queens College and 
teaches in the Ph.D. Program in Anthropology at the CUNY Graduate Center . 
He currently serves as President of the Society for the Anthropology of 
North. Hilary Cunningham is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the 
University of Toronto. 

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