[URBANTH-L]NEW FILM: Journey into the American Immigration Nightmare

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Tue Feb 13 14:40:20 EST 2007

From: Peter Cohn  <pcohn at goldenventuremovie.com>

A Journey into the American Immigration Nightmare

Because of your scholarly interest in immigration, I've taken the liberty of
writing you about Golden Venture, a new documentary film I produced
and directed, now available through New Day Films (www.newday.com).
The film chronicles the ongoing struggles of the 300 Chinese immigrants
who were aboard the freighter Golden Venture when it ran aground off
New York City in June, 1993. The deaths, detentions and deportations
that followed marked a crucial turning point in US immigration policy.

You may already know about the film: it premiered at the 2006 Tribeca
Film Festival and also screened at the Amnesty International festival in
Washington, DC. The film has been shown at Princeton University,
the American Museum of Natural History and many other educational
and film festival venues. More than 80 universities and colleges have
already added the film to their collections.

Recognizing the film's value for educators, the two leading library review
publications have recommended Golden Venture. The Library Journal
wrote: "We feel for these immigrants, we want them to stay and find
satisfying lives here, but we also see the concerns inherent in illegal
immigration. Highly recommended, especially for educational purposes."

Library Journal said this: "A compelling and timely portrait of human
courage, resilience, and compassion, set against a backdrop of bigotry,
fear and political infighting, this is recommended."

Professors of political science, law, sociology, anthropology, Asian
American studies and others have found that the political, cultural and
legal questions raised by the film stimulate discussion and further 
As the immigration debate continues to rage, the story of the Golden
Venture is more relevant then ever.

You can learn more by going to www.goldenventuremovie.com. The film
can be ordered directly via www.newday.com or by calling 888.367.9154.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the film, please do not
hesitate to contact me directly.

Sincerely Yours,
Peter Cohn
pcohn at goldenventuremovie.com

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