[URBANTH-L]Research Network on Corruption Anthropology

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Sat Feb 17 12:12:18 EST 2007

From: Steven Sampson, Social Anthropology, Lund University, Lund, 
Sweden  steven.sampson at soc.Lu.se

I am in process of co-organizing an interdisciplinary research network 
for scholars interested in corruption and anti-corruption. This 
corruption research network will be called Corenet. Most of the board 
members (from Birmingham, Nottingham, Melbourne, Bremen, etc.) on the 
Corenet board are from political science, policy studies and development 
studies. At present, I am the only anthropologist. Much corruption 
"research" consists of documentation, measurement, and consulting 
reports on anti-corruption programs. This network would take a broader 
view, including issues of governance, trust-building, social capital, 
and analysis of the anti-corruption industry itself (which is my own 
interest). The site will include a database, mailing list, and a 2008 
research conference. We are also seeking funding.  If you, your 
colleagues, or doctoral students are  interested in these issues, please 
contact me at  steven.sampson at soc.Lu.se.

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