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Mon Jan 29 18:21:27 EST 2007

Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Arts & Sciences Bentley College

The Center for the Arts and Sciences at Bentley College, a business-focused 
private university in greater Boston offering BS, BA, MS, MBA, and PhD 
degrees, is pleased to announce a new Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Arts 
and Sciences for academic year 2007-08.  Recent PhDs in the humanities, 
social sciences, mathematics and the natural sciences are invited to apply.

The fellowship will allow emerging scholars to complete work on a project 
related to the center's annual theme and to engage in intellectual exchange 
with Bentley faculty and students. The theme for 2007-2008, Equalities and 
Inequalities, is described in detail below.  The Center encourages 
interdisciplinary projects and in particular work that connects the arts and 
sciences to business disciplines.

Candidates must have the doctorate in hand at the time the fellowship begins 
and may not have received their doctoral degree earlier than September 2004. 
The fellow will receive a total stipend of $40,000 (the NEH rate) for the 
nine-month residency as well as health insurance, office space, and 
borrowing privileges at Bentley College as well as at research libraries in 
the Boston area, as needed.  The fellow will meet regularly with Bentley 
faculty fellows, present her work in a working seminar series, and offer one 
undergraduate seminar, either in the fall or spring. The fellow must be in 
residence at Bentley and may not be employed during the fellowship period.

Application Materials
A completed application will include six hard copies of all of the 
1. A curriculum vitae;
2. A project title and one-page abstract of the research and writing you 
will undertake as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Arts and Sciences at Bentley 
3. A detailed statement of the research or writing that you will complete as 
a fellow. The statement should show the project's objectives, significance, 
methodology, and relation to the Center's theme.  The statement may not 
exceed ten double-spaced pages, but can include a bibliography;
4. An article- or chapter-length writing sample, either published or in 
5. A brief statement of teaching interests and one-page descriptions of at 
least two seminars closely tied to your research that would be of interest 
to Bentley undergraduates;
6. Two letters of recommendation.

All materials, including recommendation letters, should be postmarked no 
later than March 1, 2007. All materials should be sent to:

Center for the Arts and Sciences
245 Adamian
Bentley College
Waltham, MA  02452

We cannot accept materials that are faxed or emailed, nor can application 
materials be returned. Incomplete or late applications will not be 
considered. Awards will be announced in April 2007.

2007-2008 Theme:   Equalities and Inequalities

The theme of this year's fellowship competition, Equalities and 
Inequalities, addresses the issue of equality, broadly construed.
The successful applicant's research interests may be applied or theoretical. 
He or she may be investigating concrete historical, social, economic, 
scientific, quantitative or political phenomena, either within the United 
States or in a global context.  Alternatively, the applicant may be 
interested in the notion of equality from a theoretical perspective. He or 
she may be pursuing a conceptual analysis rooted in philosophy, economics, 
political theory, religion, law, or the natural sciences, rather than an 
empirical study.  Applicants may be at work in any discipline in the 
humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics.

Examples of research topics related to the annual theme could include (for 
illustrative purposes only):
. Changes in federal policies addressing income inequality in the United 
States since the War on Poverty
. The rise of political movements explicitly opposed to affirmative action 
and gay marriage
. Implications of the Human Genome Project for biological conceptions of 
human equality
. Public perceptions of the meaning of equality in former socialist 
countries of Eastern Europe
. Political unrest related to growing income differentials in rural China
. Quantitative analysis of living standards before and after adoption of 
structural adjustment programs in Latin America
. Meaning of John Rawls' conception of equality in non-Western contexts
For terms of the fellowship and application procedure, please refer to the 
full announcement above. 

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