[URBANTH-L]AAA panel ideas?

Rachel Reynolds rrr at drexel.edu
Wed Jan 31 06:53:14 EST 2007

Hello All:

I'm working on a panel idea that would involve papers on the Jewish 
experience as it is taken up by non-Jewish groups.  This is, I think, 
especially relevant in urban and immigrant communities, and the concept is 
certainly well distributed in academe when we adapt the term "diaspora" to 
new immigrant groups and their enclaves.  I could perhaps go so far as to 
trace a sense of the concept of contemporary "cosmopolitan" or "global 
citizen" to the Jewish experience(s) in Europe in the 19th and 20th 
Centuries.  My contribution would involve the "Jews of Nigeria" -- which is 
both a common trope of globalization for Igbo speakers, and a literal 
culture group of Nigerian people whose identity is based on efforts to 
trace their origins to the lost tribes of Israel.

Is anybody interested in pulling together something with me on this, or a 
related sort of topic?



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