[URBANTH-L]Deadline extended for 2007 SUNTA Graduate Student prize

Lisa Maya Knauer lknauer at umassd.edu
Mon Jul 23 12:21:36 EDT 2007

(Please excuse any cross-posting)

The deadline for submitting papers for the 2007 SUNTA Graduate Student 
Paper Prize ($250 award) has been extended to September 10, 2007. Papers 
should address issues pertaining to urban, national, and transnational 
anthropology, and/or any of the  topical areas of interest to SUNTA, 
including space and place, poverty and homelessness, and refugees and 
Guidelines:  Papers must be based on original ethnographic research and 
must not have been published elsewhere. Submissions from all graduate 
students, international students as well as U.S. residents, are welcome. 
Co-authored papers are acceptable although winners would have to split 
the cash prize. Papers should be no longer than 25 double-spaced pages 
(as with most journal articles). There are no rules about formatting, 
although authors should be consistent throughout.  The competition is 
not limited to SUNTA members, nor to papers presented at the 2007 AAA 
meetings. Professors and practicing anthropologists are urged to 
nominate worthy candidates. The winner will be announced at the 2007 AAA 
meetings. The winning paper will be considered favorably for publication 
in City and Society.
We would prefer all submissions by email: lknauer at umassd.edu

For further information or to submit entries contact Lisa Maya Knauer: 
lknauer at umassd.edu

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