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DCF Lectures in June

# Edinburgh 8 June - Dynamic Density

Prescriptive models for urban development are scarce today. While  
China steadily sees more sophisticated plans it is rarely translated  
into anything other than instant neighborhoods and the entrenched  
uniform mapping of cities. The DCF premise of Dynamic Density (DD)  
aims to integrate planning and design efforts. Neville Mars will  
introduce DD in its first comprehensive presentation.

      Density Inside Out - Interdisciplinary conference
      Scott Lash, Jacques Levy, Winy Maas, Neville Mars, Fran Tonkiss
      The University of Edinburgh, 6-8 June


# Berlin 9 June - Creative Industries in China

What is a creative cluster? Can it be manufactured? Can it be  
destroyed? Increasingly the world is looking toward the creative  
industries to supply the verve and dynamism its cities so desperately  
need. But does the designer have a role in inducing creativity? And  
can the Chinese state tolerate its outputs?
An introduction by Adrian Hornsby.

      Enclaves, Zones and the Urban Image, Dynamic City Projects
      HAU 1, Stresemannstrasse 29, 10963 Berlin, 9 June - 18.00


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