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The Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN) is hold=
its 18th Annual Conference, entitled =93Nationalism, East and West: Civic=
Ethnic Conceptions of Nationhood=94, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Apr=
15-16, 2008, at the London School of Economics.

It has long been standard in the field of nationalism studies to classify=
nations according to which principle serves to unify the nation. The=20
distinction between the Western, political type of nationalism, and Easte=
genealogical nationalism as systematised by Hans Kohn in 1945 has been us=
extended and adjusted by scholars of nationalism to conceptualise a=20
framework of =93inclusive=94 nationalism based on citizenship and territo=
ry and=20
=93exclusive=94 nationalism based on common ethnic ties and descent. This=
conference seeks to assess the continuing relevance of this dichotomy in =
various forms: its contribution to theoretical work on nationalism, its=20
usefulness for historical interpretation and its value for contemporary=20

The conference will include keynote addresses from leading scholars in th=
field, along with opportunities for scholars from various disciplines to=20
examine the relevance of ethnic and civic conceptions of nationhood in a=20
series of panel sessions. Suggested themes include:

	Civic and Ethnic Aspects of Nation Formation
	Is Nationalism a European Phenomenon?
	Alternatives to Civic and Ethnic Nationalism
	Experiences of Historical Migrant Nations
	Citizenship and Immigration
	Multiculturalism

The first day will explore the use of the classical dichotomy in theoreti=
works on nationalism, national identity and nation formation. By consider=
historical case studies, the development, interaction and conflict of eth=
and civic types of nationalism will be analyzed on the second day.=20
Historical critiques of and alternatives to dichotomous types like the=20
civic/ethnic and East/West will also be considered. On the third day, the=
framework of civic and ethnic nationalism will be explored by focussing o=
contemporary nationalism and approaches to citizenship and immigration.

The 2008 Conference Committee is now calling for papers to be presented o=
the conference. The application is open to any researcher who is interest=
in the study of nationalism and/or ethnicity, and PhD students and young=20
scholars are particularly encouraged to apply. The abstracts of the propo=
papers should not exceed 500 words and are expected by November 1, 2007. =
Committee will notify applicants by November 30, 2007. Please see the ASE=
website (www.lse.ac.uk/collections/ASEN/) for more information and to sub=
your proposal.

Suggestions for panels and additional themes are also welcome. Papers=20
submitted to the conference will be considered for publication in a speci=
issue of Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (SEN).

Please note that ASEN cannot cover travel and accommodation costs.=20
Presenters are expected to register for the conference. Further enquiries=
are welcome at asen at lse.ac.uk.

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