[URBANTH-L]survey- 'applied' or 'public' anthropology?

Mark A. Schuller marky at umail.ucsb.edu
Sat Mar 3 12:24:11 EST 2007

Apologies for cross-postings...

Dear fellow anthropologist,

I am conducting qualitative research about the “applied/public”
debate. As part of this research I am conducting this survey. Initial
findings will be presented at the upcoming Society for Applied
Anthropology meetings. Please take a few minutes and e-mail answers to
these questions by MARCH 15 to: marky at umail.ucsb.edu. All responses
will be kept confidential, with identifying information deleted, but
if you are concerned about anonymity you can print out the survey and
return to: Mark Schuller; Department of Anthropology; University of
California; Santa Barbara, CA  93106-3210.

Thank you in advance!

How do you distinguish between “public” and “applied” anthropology?
How useful are these distinctions?

Do you define yourself as a public or applied anthropologist? Neither? Both?

If you said “both” are there contexts in which the definitions shift?
What contexts?

Why do you prefer the term(s) that you use to describe yourself and/or
your work? If you prefer not to use either, why not?

How would you place your work within the discipline’s epistemological/
theoretical continua?

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