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Mon Mar 12 13:44:33 EDT 2007

Anyone interested in joining an organized session on immigration?
Please see short description below and respond to Debra Rodman at
miamigringa at gmail.com.

"No soy negro, soy moreno!": The Intersection of Gender and Race in the
Immigrant Experience

Immigrants come to the host society with their own perceptions of race
and gender that define unequal social relations and inter-ethnic
relations in thier own home communities.  How does the construction of
race and gender in the host society affect the perception of
immigrant's racial worldview, gender roles and relations, and
awareness of self and other?  How does exposure to a new racial/gender
worldview change the immigrant's interaction with people of their own
ethnic group?  When different racial worldviews collide how does
immigrant's identity change; raising social consciousness in one case
and excluding others?  How do immigrants negotiate these new
definitions and how do these constructions articulate themselves into
new definitions of ethnic identity?  This session will use case
studies from different regions of the world and attempt to understand
patterns in immigrant receiving communities that illustrate the
dynamic structure of social constructions such as race and gender when
immigrants begin to attempt to integrate into a new society.

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