[URBANTH-L]Roma/Gypsy Study May 7-28 Romania

J Nyce jnyce at rocketmail.com
Sat Mar 24 14:33:17 EDT 2007

Want to visit a Gypsy/Roma village and learn about how
Gypsies/Roma live? Students are invited to take part
in a May 7-28 study visit to Transylvania, Romania
(the home of Dracula). 

Students will carry out a field study of a15th century
Saxon (German) village that is now largely inhabited
by Gypsies (Roma). The village's church is a UNESCO
World Heritage site. Since his visit to the village,
Prince Charles has contributed to its restoration and

This summer we will focus on a number of issues -
student defined issues. Among these might be how the
"digital divide" plays out in the village. Other
issues to be explored might include ethnic attitudes
(Gypsy/Roma and Romanian) to village level development
projects, life and custom (the role modernity and
tradition have in village life) and
knowledge/technology use in the village.

This study visit is sponsored the Rinker Center for
International Programs and the Department of
Anthropology, Ball State University. For further
details, please go to 


Students are also welcome to email me jnyce at bsu.edu
re: this research/study visit

JM Nyce 

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