[URBANTH-L]CFP: 4th International Congress on Virtual City and Territory: "Re-Think the City" (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Sun Mar 25 20:33:16 EDT 2007

4th International Congress on Virtual City and Territory
"Re-Think the City"

To be held in Guadalajara, Mexico from October 1st to 3rd, 2007

Website: http://www.ctv2007.udg.mx/index.php
Information: info at ctv2007.udg.mx

Conference Overview:

The challenge of renewing the conceptual structures and the technical 
applications to the complex problem of human development, the active 
metropolization, the accelerated occupation of territory and, all the 
accumulated consequences throughout modern history worsened with 
Globalization's dynamic process, have been the fundamental approach of the 
"City and Virtual Territory" International Congresses, fulfilled in 
Barcelona (2004), Concepcion (2005) and Bilbao (2006). During these, ideas, 
studies and projects have been struggled and displayed, under the optic of 
contribution to knowledge by the new computer science technologies, concrete 
proposals and achieved actions by an interesting group of scientific 
investigators, enterprises and prestigious institutions.

In this perspective, we propose to continue this joint effort and generate 
an ample space for meeting all those who search for solutions to the 
urban/territorial development with social equity, the preservation of 
natural environment, the impulse of a citizen's participation culture, its 
democratic consequences and the possibility to find out better ways to trace 
a qualitative horizon to our cities' development; as well all those that 
contributes positively to face the territorial-entail challenge and the XXI 
century's imaginaries.

In order to continue this process, the Art, Architecture and Design Center 
of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, accompanied in this effort by an 
important group of public and private institutions from several countries, 
we CONVOKE public and private organizations, researchers, students, 
professionals and all those who may be interested, to the 4th International 
Congress on Virtual City and Territory, "Re-Think the City," to be held in 
Guadalajara, Mexico from October 1st to 3rd, 2007.


Authors who wish to present a paper in the 4th International Congress of 
Virtual City and Territory, "Re-think the City", must send an abstract in 
Spanish or English through the abstract submission electronic form, included 
in this site. The abstract must have an extension between 500 and 750 words, 
including 3 bibliographic references in APA style. It will not include 
images. The abstract document must be edited in Spanish or English, in 
letter format, font type Arial 11 pts., line-spacing 1.5, all margins 1.2". 
Files will be accepted exclusively in Microsoft Word (doc) format. The 
formulary requires also next information:

Paper's title; Author's e-mail, which will be used for every successive 
communications; Author's first, middle and last names, as well as the name 
of the institution he/she belongs to; A 180-200 words brief synopsis, which 
will be included in the event's program in case of acceptation;
The name of the conference track in which the paper is wanted to be.

By May 15, 2007 the authors will be noticed by e-mail of the acceptation of 
selected abstracts.


>From the proposal's acceptance date until July 15th 2007, authors must send 
the full paper version that will be included in the Web site and in the 
Conference proceedings. In order to access to the final paper submission 
electronic form, authors will have to use the document's number and password 
provided at the abstract submission time. Full papers, in Spanish or 
English, must have between 5,000 and 7,500 words, including a suitable 
bibliographical section in APA style. The total extension of the document 
will not exceed 15 pages, including images. The document will be in letter 
size, with type Arial 11 pt., line-spacing 1.5, and all margins 1.2".  Files 
will be accepted exclusively in Microsoft Word (doc) format. 

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