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Thanks for your powerful posting. Another striking element of how things work at the moment is the time factor - everyone is usually too busy 'keeping up' to get together and fight for better working conditions, let alone an overhaul of the system. 
You may be interested in this analysis of the new university research structure - the research capitalists v. the research proletariat. 
Harvie, D. (2000). Alienation, Class and Enclosure in UK Universities. Capital and Class(71), 103-132. http://www.le.ac.uk/ulmc/doc/dharvie_alienation.pdf
Some of Harvie's other work on the 'commons' and 'enclosure' of the university is avaiable for download from his staff webpage at Leicester http://www.le.ac.uk/ulmc/academics/dharvie.html He has some interesting ideas for resistance to neoliberal restructuring in the department and the classroom (although they don't necessarily get anyone tenure...). 

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