[URBANTH-L]CFP: Session at 2008 SfAA on faith-based NGOs in the U.S.

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Tue Oct 2 18:29:04 EDT 2007

We are seeking 3-4 additional participants for a double session on the  topic 
of faith-based NGOs in the United States.  Organizers are Julie  Adkins 
(Southern Methodist University), Tara Hefferan (Central Michigan  University), and 
Laurie Occhipinti (Clarion College).  Session title and  abstract are:
Bridging the Gaps: Faith-Based NGOs in the U.S. 
Faith-based organizations (FBOs) have long been designers  and deliverers of 
social services.  Yet, in recent years, their roles have become increasingly 
visible and  often controversial, in part because of George W. Bush’s call for 
and  institutionalization of the Office for Faith-based Initiatives.  This 
panel is an examination of FBOs in  the US, the  varied needs they meet, and the 
gaps they seek to fill.  In exploring the links between faith and  social 
action, the papers on the panel problematize notions of “social justice,”  “
partnership,” and “faith-based organization” while also considering the  
(re)making of “state responsibility” in a neoliberal era.   

On board so far with us (with working titles or topics) are:
Julie Adkins, Southern Methodist University  (faith-based responses to  
homelessness in Dallas TX)
Janet Bauer, Trinity College, "What's Islam Got to Do with It?   Faith-Based 
Organziations and Refugee Resettlement in the Greater Hartford  Area"
Will Garriott, Princeton University
Gay Moore, Chattanooga State Community College  (Bradley Initiative  for 
Church and Community, TN)
Leah Mundell, JobPath, Tucson, AZ, "A Theology of Presence: Faith  
Partnerships with U.S. Public Schools"
Elizabeth Nanas, Wayne State University, "Figuring Faith in a Brave New  

Please reply with title and proposed 100-word abstract by October 9 (to  
_DrJAdkins at aol.com_ (mailto:DrJAdkins at aol.com)  )in order to be  considered for 
addition to this panel.  Thanks!
Julie Adkins

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