[URBANTH-L]letters to the editor

Mark A. Schuller maschuller at vassar.edu
Tue Oct 16 10:39:21 EDT 2007

Hello all,

The recent spate of coverage - the "Embedded Anthropologists" and the Union of Concerned Anthropologists' response - reminded me that I am assigning students to write letters to the editor/ op eds/ editorials.  

I am interested in giving students models, to show that anthropologists ARE getting our research out to more general publics, and hopefully to inspire them to do the same.  

If you've published a short piece / analysis / op-ed / letter to the editor about your research, or using your research / identity as an anthropologist to engage in cultural critique within the past year or so, could you please forward it to me?

If there's interest, I might even be able to make these letters public, compiling them onto a single webpage or something like that.

Thank you in advance!


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