[URBANTH-L]CFP: Indigenous, Immigrant, Migrant Labor & Globalization

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Fri Oct 19 15:18:11 EDT 2007

From:    "Jacob Remes" <lawcha at duke.edu>

Call for Papers, Workshops and Presentations

Indigenous, Immigrant, Migrant Labour & Globalization

The Pacific Northwest Labour History Association's 40th annual conference,
presented in collaboration with the Labor & Working Class History
Association and the Simon Fraser University Centre for Labour Studies

Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre, Vancouver, BC, June 6th - 8th,

Waves of immigrants came - and still come - to North America. They met new
challenges and made their own mark on the labour and political landscapes.
Some moved on while others settled in the Pacific Northwest. Indigenous
communities had to respond to this immigration and the new colonies, while
the global import and export of goods and people through our ports
provided ongoing opportunities for solidarity. This conference seeks to
connect these histories with contemporary globalization, and considers how
the labour movement can strengthen for the future.

We invite proposals for academic research, panels, individual
presentations, interactive workshops, drama, music, art, memorabilia
displays and other forms of presentation. Interactive sessions are
preferred and the reading of papers is discouraged. We welcome submissions
that address:

*  Indigenous peoples' response to immigration
*  Exclusion, segregation, racism, and liberation struggles - the labour
movement's record
*  They come by sea - the significance of ports and maritime labour to
development and immigration
*  No streets of gold - the true immigrant experience
*  Following the work - pulling up stakes in search of a better life
*  Deportations - the risk of labour activism and political agitation
*  Myth and superstition - cultural folklore on the job
*  Union organizing campaigns - advancements and losses
*  Multi-culturalism or melting-pot?  "Colour blindness" or reparations
*  Immigrant and refugee policies and their impact
*  Immigrant and indigenous women in their communities, workplaces and
labour movements
*  Remittances - from those sent away to those sending money "back home"
*  Other topics that further understanding of workers' heritage and social

Proposal deadline is January 14, 2008. Please send a short summary and
list of all presenters to Ms. Joey Hartman, PNLHA BC Vice President,
preferably by email to pnlha at shaw.ca, or by mail to #2402 - 6888 Station
Hill Drive, Burnaby, BC, Canada, V3N 4X5.

For further information contact Joey Hartman at 604-456-7043. For updates,
check our website: www.pnlha.org.

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