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Allison Clarke has written a book entitled Tupperware: The Promise of
Plastic in 1950s America
http://www.amazon.com/TUPPERWARE-PB-Clarke-Aj/dp/1560989203, which should be
of interest. She is now at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna:

Heather Horst

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Dear SUNTA Members,


I've received a somewhat unusual query from a freelancer reporter based
in San Francisco who is writing a book on Plastic.  She's asked for help
locating anthropologists who study the following:


-Societies or cultures that have experienced the introduction of
plastic, and the effect of plastic on these societies. 


-The relationship that access to materials has in the development of a
society or culture. 


If you have expertise in this area, or know others who do, could you
please pass along their names. Thanks so much for your help!   




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