[URBANTH-L] CFP: Colonial Heritage and Postcolonial Immigrants in Europe (EASA)

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Sat Apr 5 11:09:50 EDT 2008

Dear colleagues and friends,

May I draw your attention to the workshop, Colonial heritage and
postcolonial immigrants in European societies, that Karel Arnaut
(karel.arnaut at ugent.be) and I are convening in August of this year at
the biannual EASA conference in Ljubljana (see
http://www.nomadit.co.uk/easa/easa08/panels.php5). The deadline for the
submissions of abstracts is  April 10 . Please do not hesitate to
contact us, should you have further queries.

Short Abstract

How do contemporary European societies deal with (im)material heritage
from their colonial past and with former colonial subjects and their
descendants living among them; how do the latter situate themselves in
relation to the colonial past they share with the majority

Long Abstract

Colonialism has left various traces in the public domain of the former
metropolitan centres. This workshop wants to address those, from
ethnographic museums and monuments, which serve as sharp reminders of a
now largely contested past, as those, like food and words and music
which have been absorbed within mainstream society, in order to
investigate how the colonial past is discussed and dealt with in the
former colonial powers. In addition to these types of material and
immaterial culture, there is the presence of individuals who have a
connection through descent (including 'mixed' descent) with the former
colonies. Different policies and practices concerning the access of
(former) colonial subjects and mixed marriages shape(d) and influence(d)
the number and status (asylum-seeker, citizen, labour-immigrant,
refugee, student...) of these individuals and their descendants in the
former metropoles. The question arises to what extent this shared past
is thought to (have) shape(d) and influence(d) both mainstream society's
perceptions of and policies towards these individuals and the latter's
own relation to the countries in which they reside.

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