[URBANTH-L]CFP: The City of Fez in World History (Morocco)

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Fri Apr 11 11:43:11 EDT 2008

DATE OF CONFERENCE : October 9-11, 2008

In commemoration of the 1200th anniversary of the founding of the city of 
Fez (www.maroc1200.org), the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at al 
Akhawayn University in Ifrane and La Fondation Esprit de Fès 
(www.espritdefes.com) are organizing an interdisciplinary conference on Fez 
in World History. The central theme of the conference is to explore the 
universal and global dimension of the city through a multidisciplinary lens 
(e.g., history, anthropology, urban geography, archaeology, comparative 
literature, etc.).

Participants to the conference will debate the following three main topics:


Topic I: Fez in World History
Using data drawn from historiography, historical geography, hagiographies, 
archaeology, numismatics, and other related fields, this theme aims to use 
the perspective of world history as a way of exploring how different 
historical forces have contributed to making Fez part of an interconnected 
network both at the regional and global levels. This may include diplomacy 
and trade agreements, long-distance trade, Sufi brotherhoods, scientific and 
technological advances, contributions to the religious sciences, major 
historical figures who lived in or visited the city (e.g., Ibn Khaldun, Leo 
Africanus, Maimonides, to mention a few).

Topic II: Fez in World Literature
In this topic, participants will explore the place of Fez in world literary 
and artistic production. This includes travel narratives, fiction, 
autobiographies, popular culture (songs, lyrics, music), poetry, paintings, 

Topic III: Fez in Today's Global World
Low cost airline travel has made Fez a prized destination for a class of 
cosmopolitan consumers, especially from Western Europe (mostly France and 
the UK.). In this topic, participants will tackle current issues such as how 
global inequalities are reflected in contemporary urban life, the impact of 
tourism on the city, gentrification issues (e.g., the riad phenomenon), the 
"dédensification" and rehabilitation of the medina, Fez as a pilgrimage site 
(ziyyârah), and the use of information and communication technologies for 
economic and human development (e.g., e-gov.).

To participate in this conference, please send an abstract in Arabic, 
English, or French (150-300 words). Please indicate the title and the topic 
of your interest. The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is May 30th, 
A selected number of high quality papers will be peer-reviewed and 
subsequently published in an edited book.

Abstract submissions should be sent to:

Dr. Mohamed Dahbi, Dean
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Al Akhawayn University
P.O.Box. 104, Avenue Hassan II
Ifrane -Morocco
Telephone : (212) 35 86 24 27
Fax : (212) 35 86 29 77
shss at aui.ma, S.Ennahid at aui.ma

All other inquiries should be sent to:

Dr. Said Ennahid
Organizing Committee, Chair

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane
Avenue Hassan II
P.O. Box 1886
Email: s.ennahid at aui.ma 

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