[URBANTH-L]NEWS: 'Guerrilla Gardeners' Taking over neglected public spaces

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Tue Apr 29 16:59:13 EDT 2008

Hi John and Virginia,

Thanks for your messages.  I've done community gardens and edible landscapes but haven't done any guerrilla gardening as of yet. But I love the idea, and Baltimore, where I now live, could certainly benefit from it.  It also matches the trend toward freecycling and free stores that has become very popular here.

Glad you enjoyed the post.

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  Hi John, I passed this post on to friends who are GGs. One is a lit agent and she is passing on to her huge list. I'm a member of  a Backyard Habitat Group. I write a blog called www.vaboomer.com and will make a post calling all to become GGs . Cheers, Virginia

  John McCreery wrote:

Thanks Angela,
Ruth and I have been guerrilla gardeners since 1998 or so. We were just out
this morning, weeding the space we care for, a bit of land owned by the
condominium in which we live. Started out as a a little triangle of land in
a hillside just above the complex. Lost a bit to a parking lot but are
soldiering on. We are also leaf rustlers. When plastic bags of leaves raked
up from local parks are left waiting for trash pick up, we grab them first
for our compost heap. Our most deviant behavior so far? Had to be the year
we snuck up to the big park farther up the hill to rake up three or four
bags of fallen cherry blossoms.


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  'Guerrilla Gardeners' Taking over neglected public spaces




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