[URBANTH-L]Call for Submissions: Barack Obama in World Politics

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Mon Dec 8 13:49:34 EST 2008

Call for Submissions

Barack Obama in World Politics

President-elect Barack Obama's campaign for the American presidency seemed 
to have generated more global interest than any other national presidential 
election in the history of contemporary world politics. From the estimated 
two hundred thousand people who converged on Berlin, Germany, to hear his 
address, to President Nicolas Sarkozy, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, former 
President Nelson Mandela, Prime Minister Raila Odinga, President Jalal 
Talabani, President Hamid Karzai, former President Fidel Castro, and 
President Hugo Chavez, unrelenting drumbeats of change resounded throughout 
the 2008 election campaigns. In his face, language, and politics the global 
community sees in Obama the inevitable multicultural hybridity of the 
future. Scholars and the general public are invited to submit essays on any 
aspects of the life and work of the President-elect Barack Obama for a book 
that is scheduled for immediate publication, entitled "Barack Obama in World 
Politics." Topics for consideration may include, but not limited to, any of 
the following:

I. Professions and Civil Society: Obama and Sports, Obama and Hollywood, 
Obama and Community Service, Obama and Education, Obama and Politics, Obama 
and the Law, Obama and Literature, Obama and the Press, Obama and 
Fatherhood, Obama and Marriage, Obama and Women, Obama and Children, Obama 
and Race, Obama and Religion, Obama and John F. Kennedy, Obama and the 
Politics of Sexuality, Obama and the Post-Baby Boom Generation, The Age of 
Barack Obama.

II. Globalization: Obama and the Global Economy, Obama and Global Recession, 
Obama and Human Rights, Obama and the HIV/AIDS, Obama and the War on 
Terrorism, Obama and Poverty, Obama and Genocide, Obama and War Crimes, 
Obama and the Politics of Prisoner Interrogation, Obama and Migration, Obama 
and Citizenship, Obama and the Environment, Obama and Global Warming, Obama 
and Diplomacy, Obama and the Americas, Obama and Europe, Obama and the 
Middle East, Obama and Africa, Obama and Asia, Obama and Space, Obama and 
Globalization, Obama in World Politics.

Deadline for Submission of Essays: December 31, 2008
Length of Essays: 1,500 - 3000 words.

Address for Submission: Bobook09 at gmail.com. Essays should be mailed as MS 
Word attachment and may include references where necessary. Please, include 
your name, email address, institutional/independent affiliations, telephone 
number, and a 50-word biodata with the essay. You may submit up to TWO 
different essays.

Contact: Editors, Room L15 Henderson Hall, Center for Teaching, Learning, 
and Retention, Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio 45384, United 
States. Telephone: 1 (937) 838-3116.

Room L15 Henderson Hall
Center for Teaching, Learning, and Retention Central State University, 
Wilberforce, OH 45384 United States
Telephone: 1 (937) 838-3116
Email: bobook09 at gmail.com 

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