[URBANTH-L]References Request--MX-US Migration

Ben Chappell bchap at ku.edu
Fri Dec 19 19:44:37 EST 2008

I second many of the suggestions, especially Crossing Over and Farmingville.
One that I have not read, but would be interested to see this list respond
to, is Luis Alberto Urrea's The Devil's Highway. A couple of other
documentaries that are really good include Heather Courtney's Letters from
the Other Side (http://www.sidestreetfilms.com/) and Natalia Almada's Al
Otro Lado (http://www.altamurafilms.com/). For teaching material, it can be
interesting to poke around in the "interactive documentary" 9500 Liberty (
Good luck!
Ben Chappell
Program in American Studies
University of Kansas
bchap at ku.edu

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