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New Article Published in JAF -- of Interest to the Society for Urban,
National, and Transnational Anthropology List

Dear List Members,

The Journal of American Folklore has recently published an article
that may be of interest to members of the Society for Urban, National,
and Transnational Anthropology discussion list:

"Distanciation and the Recontextualization of Space: Finding One's Way
in a Small Western Community," by Lisa Gabbert. Journal of American
Folklore 120(476): 178-203

In the 1990s, the city of McCall, Idaho, and the surrounding region
implemented the Rural Addressing System. The system assigned a name to
every street and a number to every house and erected visible signage
for both. Although a seemingly minor bureaucratic operation, the Rural
Addressing System is a concrete example of Anthony Giddens's concept
of space distanciation, and as such, it is a significant component of
modernity and globalization. By investigating the impact of the Rural
Addressing System on this region—particularly on the ways in which
people give directions and think about space there—this article sheds
light on how abstract processes such as modernization and
globalization actually manifest in everyday life, the effects of those
processes, and how people respond to them.

The article is available through the print journal, and also in full
text at Project Muse (http://muse.jhu.edu/).

The Journal of American Folklore is the journal of the American
Folklore Society.  Information about JAF can be found at:

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Jesse Rester
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Journal of American Folklore

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