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iLAB - A Collaborative Residency Program between Movement Based Artists
and Scientists, Environmentalists and other disciplines.

Dear colleagues:
Below please find information on an exciting opportunity to create
connections between conservation scientists and movement artists in the
New York City area.  As a member of the Board of Trustees for iLAND, I
would be more than happy to connect any interested scientist with a
movement artist as we have many more interested dancers than scientists.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at pdukus at yahoo.com with the
subject "iland grant".
Many thanks!
Phaedra Doukakis, Ph.D.

iLAB - A Collaborative Residency Program between Movement
Based Artists and Scientists, Environmentalists and other
2008 Residency Schedule: May – October 2008.
Applications due: 5 pm, March 30th, 2007.
Acceptance Notification: April 20th, 2007.
Contact: info at ilandart.org or 917-860-8239

ILAB Collaborative Residency
iLAB is a collaborative residency program between movement based artists
and scientists, environmentalists, urban designers/landscape architects,
architects and others that integrate creative practices within their
fields and disciplines.
The goals of iLAB are:
- to invigorate and re-imagine relationships between the public and
the urban environment through kinetic experience,
- to engage artists and practitioners across the disciplines of dance,
art, and the ecology of physical interrelationships such that we
create and investigate innovative approaches to science,
infrastructure, urbanisms, and architecture within a performative
- to support the development of process in engagement over product
such that process is itself a product for artistic and public action.

For each residency iLAB will provide up to $1,000 honorarium for each
artist/collaborator, $300 towards materials, administrative support
including publicity, public outreach, and consultation with other
organizations, and contributors.

Residency Schedules
Schedules can be flexible to accommodate the team's needs but must be two
weeks minimum and one month maximum during the months of May through
October 2008.

Proposals should include an outline of the goals and plans for
of the collaborative process envisioned and should include a clear format
for engaging the public in the project. The proposed collaborative
projects may
include but are not limited to performances, fieldwork, experiments,
installations, workshops, restoration projects or any combinations there of.

Each proposal MUST include some form of public interactions/engagement
with the creative process of the collaboration.

Selection Criteria
Proposals will be selected based on the projects ability to provide a clear
collaborative process, its engagement with the ecology of New York City and
it's ability to engage the public in some way with the creative process of
the collaboration. Emerging artists/collaborators are encouraged to apply.
selection committee will place an emphasis on innovation, experimentation
and long-term lifespan of the collaboration or project.

More Information
For more information please contact info at ilandart.org or 917-860-8239.
We would be happy to assist applicants in suggesting collaborators for
projects. Application guidelines are available at

Application Guidelines iLAB 2008
A complete proposal includes the following 3 items: a project narrative,
biographies, and work samples. Please include 2 copies of both the
narrative and the collaborator bios.
1. 1-2 page project narrative that addresses the following:
a. Description of your project
b. Names and background information on project collaborators
c. Description of the public engagement that will take place
during the project
d. Discussion of the long-term sustainability of the collaborations
or of the project as a whole
e. Description of the level of engagement with the New York City
urban environment
2. Biographies of each of the collaborators. Please limit to two pages per
3. Work samples (one per collaborator)
a. Work samples can include videos, DVDs, drawings, CD's,
slides, writings, research studies or reports.
b. The selection committeee will spend up to 20 minutese on
each collaboration collection of samples. Please prepare a
work sample presentation that represents the collaboration
c. Submit a WORK SAMPLE SHEET that guides the committee in
the best way to view/experience your materials. We highly
suggest that you cue videos, indicate chapters for DVDs,
indicate tracks for CDs, viewing order for slides and drawings,
and mark selections from writings, studies and reports.
d. Please label work samples clearly with collaborator name,
year of work and title of work.

If you would like your work samples returned, please include a
stamped envelope with your proposal package. All submissions
must be received by 5pm on March 30, 2007. Please send applications via
e-mail and regular mail to:
info at ilandart.org
and to:
iLAND 2008 Artist-in-Residency RFP
I40 Second Ave. #501
NY, NY 10003

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