[URBANTH-L] Requested Posting for March 9 Event: What Is Bob Avakian's New Synthesis?

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Thu Feb 28 19:25:35 EST 2008


I am writing to request that you post the announcement (at the end of this email, below the astericks) to your list. My buddy and I have been poking around on the Internet, trying to get beyond "the usual suspects" (i.e., political activists) who might normally come to an event like this -- we feel that there are far broader numbers of people who need to be part of this conversation.

This is a very unusual event -- it will be the first major public presentation and discussion of Bob Avakian's New Synthesis anywhere in the U.S., and it is aimed at kicking the question of communist revolution as a viable road to liberation for all of humanity back into the political debate. Avakian has spent literally 30 years struggling to sum up the mainly postive experience of the revolutions of the 20th Century, while also looking very hard at the serious shortcomings, and has brought forward a scientific reenvisioning of the process of revolution that will be more liberating and more viable than the initial experiments of the last century.

 This kind of discussion is urgently needed; over the last few decades the existing capitalist world order has been trumpeted as the best possible for humanity, even while the actual nightmare of globalization, war, environmental destruction and more has overwhelmed people's hopes for something better. People's dreams have been so crushed that a horrific fundamentalist like Bin Laden can present himself as a positive alternative to U.S. imperialism, and the U.S. in turn claims to be the only salvation from an Islamic Caliphate. Meanwhile, in the U.S. many progressive people are at the point where a candidate who won't promise to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of his term, won't rule out using nuclear weapons against Iran, and publicly speculates on military intervention in Pakistan is seen as "fresh" and "exciting".

And who more than anthropologists would want to learn about and contribute to the discussion of a possible radically different future for humanity?

Please let us know if you have any questions, criticism, ideas, or complaints about the announcement, or the content of the links it contains (which we urge you to explore.) Please post the announcement (below) and popularize the event in whatever other ways you can think of.

Revolutionary regards,

Gary Andale.


Sunday, March 9th - 4:00 p.m. 

Revolution Books presents: 

"Re-envisioning Revolution and Communism: 

A major presentation, followed by freewheeling discussion.

Agonizing about the direction of society? The world? Think communism is dead, but hope that another world is possible? You need to hear this. Presentation followed by discussion of how Bob Avakian has re-envisioned socialism which is both visionary and viable. How he has tackled a whole realm of questions, including how a new revolutionary power could maintain power and maintain it as a power worth keeping. 

St. Paul & St. Andrew Church 
Corner of West 86th St & West End Ave 
1 train to 86th Street, walk 1 block west to West End Ave 
$10 sliding scale 
Further info: 212-691-3345 



Please circulate and/or forward this announcement widely.

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