[URBANTH-L]CFP: Navigating Maps (grad student conference, UC Santa Cruz)

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Thu Jan 31 12:40:18 EST 2008

CFP: Navigating Maps
Department of Anthropology Graduate Student Conference
University of California, Santa Cruz

Ho do we navigate: Treasure Maps -- Flight Maps -- Weather Maps The graduate 
students of the anthropology department at the University of California, 
Santa Cruz, invite submissions for an evening of creative expression and 
engaged conversation about the lives of maps. How do we experience: 
Topographic Maps -- Anatomic Maps -- Nautical Maps Connected to and inspired 
by the graduate student conference "Emerging Geographies: Mapping, Tracking, 
and Tracing" to be held the same day at UCSC, "Navigating Maps" will provide 
a chance for students to share stories about their encounters with maps or 
to help rethink the ways we interact with them. How do we encounter: Subway 
Maps -- Kinship Charts -- Floor Plans

We encourage submissions from students and faculty across disciplines as 
well as from a wide range of mediums-a short talk, performance, photography, 
or film-that are willing to consider maps in playful and imaginative ways. 
The deadline for submissions for Midnight University has been extended to 
February 20, 2008. Please email a one-page abstract, small proposal, or 
artist statement to: emerginggeographies at gmail.com The conference on 
"Emerging Geographies" is affiliated with Midnight University.

Contact Information:
Fred Deakin
Email: emerginggeographies at gmail.com
URL http://emerginggeographies.googlepages.com 

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