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Social Science Journal - Human Rights

From: Judith Blau
jrblau at email.unc.edu

The journal, Societies with Borders: Human Rights & the Social  
Sciences will publish 3 issues per year beginning February 09. The  
journal is posted on the Brill website: http://www.brill.nl/swb and on  
the web page of www.sociologistswithoutborders.org/

Below is the description:

What the world's peoples have in common - notwithstanding the borders  
that divide them - is the aspiration to achieve human rights - the  
rights to food, housing, health care, education, decent work, free  
speech, to speak one's conscience, as well as the right to a fair  
trial, to a safe environment, and the right to peace. What the world's  
people are beginning to discover is that this aspiration is not only a  
common one, but it can only be pursued collectively in disregard of  
the borders that divide people. People may live in societies, derive  
their identities from their societies, but the pursuit of human rights  
is pursued and coordinated across borders. The journal, Societies  
without Borders, aims for high caliber scholarly analysis and also  
encourages submissions that address pioneering thought in human  
rights, globalism, and collective goods.

Authors are cordially invited to submit articles to the journal  
editors Judith Blau and Alberto Moncada, and books for review to the  
Associate Editor Keri Iyall Smith.

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