[URBANTH-L] QUERY: Improving educational opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Tue Jun 10 12:21:55 EDT 2008

I am the co-ordinator of an NGO in Ireland working with Refugees and Asylum 
Seekers. Our main aim is to get them status to remain in Ireland, assist 
with English language learning needs and assistance towards integration and 
employment. We are currently working on funding applications around 
development education, particularly gender and development. I was wondering 
if any Urbanth-L colleagues could give us some guidance as to the steps we 
need to take in developing a strategy to introduce gender development 
education into the second level education system here. We would be very 
grateful for any assistance that you could offer as we currently have 562 
clients registered with us for assistance but have access to very little 
funding to deliver programmes.

Can I just say that correspondence on this listserv is most informative and 
has offered us a lot of direction. We have also participated in a number of 
Conferences and seminars worldwide highlighted through your e-mails. It has 
opened a new world of resources to us.

Many thanks,
Anne Nolan
Information and Support Unit for New Communities
Mount Sion
Barrack Street
353 51 852564 (office landline) or 353 87 912 8166 (Cell phone) 

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