[URBANTH-L]FUNDING: Green Harbor Ph.D. Prize for Anthropological Fieldwork

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Mon Jun 16 10:03:53 EDT 2008

Green Harbor Prize
For Anthropological Fieldwork

The Green Harbor Prize is a $500 award sponsored by Green Harbor Financial
to support anthropological fieldwork on economic activities that are
sustainable, eco-friendly, culturally sensitive, committed to community
engagement, and/or socially responsible.  This is intended as supplemental
funding for Ph.D. candidates doing their field research, and will only be
awarded to students who are (or will be) in a position to use the funds
for fieldwork-related expenses. Only students in graduate programs located
in CO,CT,DC,FL,GA,IN,MA,MD,NH,NY and VA will be eligible.

Preference will be given to proposals that explore the actual or theoretical 
between the proposed anthropological research and the field of socially 
investing.  Such exploration may be provisional.  The research does not have 
to be on
or about investment per se.  Applications will be accepted until April 30, 

Please see the following link for more information:


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