[URBANTH-L]CFP: New Worlds, New Sovereignties: A Cross-Community Interdisciplinary International Conference (Melbourne)

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Mon Mar 3 11:20:02 EST 2008

New Worlds, New Sovereignties
A cross-community interdisciplinary international conference
Melbourne, 6th-9th June 2008

Which human groups have possessed sovereignty and who has been  
excluded? Can different sovereignties overlap and coexist? Is  
sovereignty's ultimate sanction violence? Should nation-states refuse  
to interfere in each other's affairs regardless of the treatment of  
minorities? In what ways are sovereignties gendered? Are settler  
democracy and Native sovereignty compatible?

Our conference will address questions such as these with a view to  
bringing history to bear on the problems of the present. The  
conference's standpoint is from below. We will be focusing on  
sovereignty's consequences for those whom the prevailing order  
excludes or diminishes. We will be exploring the possibilities for  
change and redress.

Abstracts, in English, should be submitted by APRIL 4th 2008 or  
earlier. Decisions on acceptance of abstracts will be made within one  
week of submission. The Early Bird deadline for conference  
registration is April 11th 2008. To submit, please go to the Abstract  
section of the conference website at www.newsovereignties.org

An edited collection of papers from the conference will be published  
by a major international publisher.

Conference themes will include:

·      Indigenous concepts and practices of sovereignty

·      Historical genealogies of Western concepts of sovereignty

·      Limits and contradictions of sovereignty

·      Sovereign subjecthood - human rights, gender and the nation-state

·      Plural sovereignties: Natives, minorities, and the nation-state

·      Sovereignty and the new global order

·      Sovereignty, land and nation

·      Refugees, asylum seekers and national borders

·      Sovereignty and the internet

·      Sovereignty regained

Nations and Homelands will include:

·      Aboriginal Australia/Torres Strait Islands

·      Native North America

·      Palestine

·      Timor Leste

·      Aotearoa/New Zealand

·      Hawai'i

·      Kurdistan

·      Post-Soviet Europe

·      Samiland

          We now invite submissions of abstracts for papers relating  
to these or related topics. Abstracts related to research or practice  
are welcome.  Abstracts should describe original, completed work.  
Responsibility for copyright issues rests with authors. At least one  
author of an accepted abstract must register for the conference and  
attend to present the paper.

  Julie Evans (University of Melbourne)
  Patrick Wolfe (La Trobe University)

Host organisations
Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
School of Political Science, Criminology and Sociology, University of  

Supporting organisations
Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies, Monash University
Victoria University

This conference is taking place on Wurundjeri land. We pay our  
respects to Wurundjeri elders past and present.

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