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Fincke Gunilla Fincke at Zeit-Stiftung.de
Wed Mar 5 12:36:51 EST 2008

The German ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius is calling for
applications for "Settling Into Motion" - The Bucerius Ph.D.
Scholarships in Migration Studies. The scholarship program seeks to
address the ongoing transformations in societies where migration is just
one factor among others generating change. For 2008 applications
relating to migration and urban transformations are especially welcome.


Within this international program, the ZEIT-Stiftung grants six to eight
pre-doctoral scholarships per year. Applicants must be Ph.D. students of
- in a broad sense - social sciences. The scholarships involve a monthly
stipend of 1.200 Euros as well as yearly conferences and workshops. The
deadline for applications is 31 March 2008. 

Scholarships are granted for up to 36 months. They can be used for
research and writing periods but not for course work. 


The world is in motion: people and ideas, products, technologies as well
as diseases are travelling between regions and continents. Cities and
cultures as well as family and labour market relations are changing in
these processes of globalization. Regulatory competencies of nation
states are also in question. The movement of people is only one factor
among others generating change, but one whose importance will rise over
the next years. 


Migrants are settling into societies that are themselves transforming.
Thus the meaning of integration is increasingly hard to pinpoint.
Everyone needs to be prepared to embrace change. Some migrants will also
keep multi-stranded relations with their countries of origin, thereby
building transnational spaces; others will after little time move on to
third countries. All of them settle into motion. 


How can migrants and their receiving and sending countries

reap the benefits of this movement of people? Which structural and
procedural conditions have to be in place to take advantage of
diversity? And what are the challenges for the individual, the migrant
family, the regions and countries migrants come from as well as the
places of reception? The Bucerius Ph.D. Scholarship Program "Settling
Into Motion" seeks to address these questions, each year focusing on a
different topic.



For 2008, applications to study "Migration and Urban Transformations"
are especially welcome. The majority of migrants live in urban areas.
For a long time, cities were regarded as "integration machines" because
of their capacity to incorporate people of different backgrounds in a
functionally differentiated system. At the same time, cities are
themselves focal points of economic, social and cultural

Applications for scholarships under this topic could study the following
questions of (but are not limited to): 

*	Super-diversity and the effects of rapid diversification on
*	Housing careers of migrants 
*	Policing and anti-discrimination policies 
*	(Informal) economy and development of innovation 
*	Governance issues at local level (including provision of welfare
*	Urban sprawl 
*	Social and political participation at local level and the role
of religious communities 
*	Local school choice and the school-neighborhood nexus


Innovative approaches both in methodology and in research questions are
highly encouraged.


The ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius is one of the major private
foundations in Germany sponsoring academic research. Among other things,
it founded and continues to financially support the Bucerius Law School,
a Hamburg-based private law school that combines innovation in teaching
with renowned research.


Please find further information as well as the online application at
www.settling-into-motion.de <http://www.settling-into-motion.de/> 


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