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Marc Hebert marckhebert at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 12 09:32:46 EDT 2008

Attention grad and undergrad anthro students: Please
consider submitting an article to the new anthropology e-
journal sponsored by the National Assoc. of Student
 Anthropologists (NASA).  The call for papers (pasted below)
is organized around the theme for the AAA 2008 Annual
Meetings.  Completed manuscripts of 1000 words should be
submitted by April 21, 2008 to nasaejournal at gmail.com.
 See below for more information...

The National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA)
will launch its first online publication, The NASA e-
Journal, under the banner of the 2008 American
Anthropological Association conference theme: "Inclusion,
 Collaboration, and Engagement."

We seek scholarly submissions from undergraduate and
graduate students worldwide about the application of
anthropological theories and methods outside of academia  or
across disciplines for the purpose of exploring,
 problematizing, or addressing social problems. Have you
worked in an internship, co-op or another job as a student
anthropologist and wish to reflect on how you relied on your
anthropological training? Perhaps you collaborated with
 students from other disciplines at a volunteer organization
and seek to describe the value you added from an
anthropological perspective? Is there a paper you submitted
for a service-learning class where you addressed a social
 problem using anthropological methods? Have you done
fieldwork in a community where you sought to create positive
social change in the process of gathering data? Tell us
about it! Scholarly articles should be 1,000 words in length
 and will be subject to a double blind review process.

We also welcome innovative commentary submissions to the e-
Journal. Commentaries are opinion or avant-garde pieces of
work which  are the original work of the authors. These
 submissions are to express the next generation of
anthropologists' ideas, goals and beliefs of the direction
our discipline should head, be it locally, nationally or
globally. We seek a plurality of voices on this issue and
 intend to raise awareness among fellow students as well as
more established anthropologists about the direction our
discipline is heading. Commentary submissions might include
such mediums as written pieces (1,000 words in length),
 photo stories (10 photos + 1,000 words of commentary in
length) and videos/YouTubeC clips (10-minute maximum in
duration + 1,000 words of commentary in length)

Submission Guidelines:
Please submit a full 1,000 word manuscript for consideration
 by midnight EST on April 21, 2008 along with any
accompanying materials.
.     Authors should complete their submissions according
to the AAA style guide
(http://aaanet.org/pubs/style _guide.htm).
 .     Submissions should be saved in Microsoft Word ".doc"
format with the file title being the first author's last
name and first initial. (example: HebertM.doc)
.     We invite authors to provide drawings, graphs and
 maps to enhance the visual component of each article. These
should be included as separate attachments in the email.
Graphics should be saved as ".jpg" format. The file name
should be the first authors last name, first initial and
 then the number of the photo. (example: HebertM1.jpg) Please
also include reference in your text where graphics should be
placed by inserting the above identifier in the text.
.     Videos should be provided as a link (if located on a
 site such as YouTube) or included as a graphics file in a
readily viewable format  such as QuickTime or Windows Media
.     Please send submissions to the e-Journal editorial
team with the subject heading "NASA Manuscripts - Vol. 1" at
 nasaejournal at gmail.com.

Authors will be notified regardless if their work has been
selected for publication or not. We look forward to
publishing submissions for Volume 1 of the NASA e-Journal in
 the fall of 2008 and spring of 2009. 
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