[URBANTH-L]CFP: (Re)reading the African Urban Space

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Mon May 19 13:32:52 EDT 2008

postamble: (Re)reading the African Urban Space
Call for Papers Deadline: June 30, 2008

The postamble editorial collective is excited to announce its newest Call 
for Papers.Vol. 4. No. 2, which will focus on the African urban question.

Entitled (Re) reading the African Urban Space, this issue seeks to publish 
papers, photographic essays, book reviews, and other relevant submissions 
that critically engage with the socio-political, cultural and economic 
complexities of the African urban centres. We are interested in work that 
grapples with how African cities are configured within public and 
intellectual imaginations - both locally and globally - and the challenges 
and opportunities available to those living in, working in, or encountering 
African city spaces. More specifically, we are looking for work that engages 
with the following types of questions:

Can African cities be seen as dynamic sites of challenge to the contemporary 
and historical socio-political and economic world order?

What kind of new autonomies are emerging in African urban spaces, despite 
the often-harsh material conditions?

How can we begin to deconstruct African urban spaces in order to find ways 
of contesting the predominantly negative typecasting of African landscapes?

What theoretical, cultural, social and analytical tools do African urban 
spaces provide us with as we attempt to understand an increasingly urbanized 

Can, in fact, African cities provide us with spaces in which newer, more 
cosmopolitan notions about urbanism and society can be discovered?

Submissions may vary in their subject matter and approach and will be 
assessed on their relevance to the edition's theme. For correct formatting, 
please see http://postamble.org/Submissions/Guidelines.aspx.
Submissions should be addressed to the Managing Editor, and emailed to 
postamble by no later than the end of June 2008. Submissions should be 
between 5000 and 8000 words, or 10 to 15 photographs, and contain a short 
abstract (200 words), biography (50 words), with relevant contact details.

Centre For African Studies
University Of Cape Town
Private Bag, Rondebosch
7701, South Africa

Email: cas-postamble at uct.ac.za
Visit the website at http://www.postamble.org 

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