[URBANTH-L]CFP: The Regeneration of Image in Old Industrial Regions (Monchengladbach, Germany)

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Call For papers: The regeneration of image in old industrial regions: agents 
of change and changing agents

The fourth annual meeting of the Old Industrial Regions research network 
(affiliated to the Regional Studies Association), 15-17 February 2009, 
Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Monchengladbach, Germany.

***Travel Bursaries are available for eligible students and researchers***


There is increasing awareness of the importance of image to regional 
economic development, and in particular, its application to old industrial 
regions. Regional development agencies invest millions of euros in 
attempting to change the way that people think of their regions.  At its 
most simple, a distinction can be made between local and external image. 
The inhabitants of old industrial regions are often believed to lack 
self-confidence and entrepreneurial flair, a poor self-image.  Conversely, 
such regions' problems in attracting talent, investment and technology are 
often believed to stem from a poor image in the outside world.
But it is likewise important to suggest that image is not a panacea for the 
many document problems that afflict such regions.  Clearly, a significant 
proportion of a region's image derives from its economic strengths and 
weaknesses, the potentials it offers and the problems it suffers.  But, 
there is growing evidence that rapid restructuring in old industrial regions 
has produced economic performances that belie their relatively poor images. 
Alongside this, range of old industrial regions are regenerating their 
image, for example, assuming the mantle of European capital of culture, such 
as Merseyside (England) Pecs (Hungary) and Essen-Ruhr (Germany).

These regions' enduring image problems reflect a reality that building up 
new industries from the wastelands of decline is a difficult process. 
Recent research highlights that a range of 'new' industries are systemically 
less successful in old industrial regions than in the 'totemic' sites of the 
new economy.  Regions such as Flanders and Scania which can make the 
transition are the exception rather than the rule.  So perhaps external 
actors are right to be sceptical of these regions' new potential, and await 
further evidence before changing their own perceptions of these places.

Call for Papers

In order to better understand the role of image and regeneration in old 
industrial regions, in this research network meeting, we wish to explore the 
changing images of old industrial regions, and of particular agents and 
actors in those shifting images.  We welcome all papers which deal with one 
of the following topics, but we also welcome other papers which help to 
provide balance and interest to the final programme:

·        Global pipelines, local buzz: the role of universities and higher 
education in regenerating regional image
·        Driving image changes: large industries' changing fortunes in the 
images of old industrial regions (especially the automotive industry)
·        Experiencing image regeneration: the role of sports, events and the 
experience economy in the changing image of old industrial regions
·        Financing image rebuilding: the role of inward investment and 
venture capital in shifting regional images in old industrial regions
·        Placing a new image: building the icons and landmarks of a rising 
regional star
·        Image for who? Social inclusion and participation in new regional 
·        Culture and creativity in the public, private and third sectors as 
a driver of regional image regeneration.
·        Other topics which fall within the general scope of the meeting 

This event will be held in Monchengladbach in Germany from the 15-17 
February 2009: a field tour of the Krefeld textile region, culminating in 
dinner at Schloß Krefeld will take place on 15th February, with two days of 
presentations and discussions following.  The conference dinner will be 
hosted by the Football Club Borussia Mönchengladbach ont he Monday evening. 
A full programme will be made available for participants early in January 

About the Research Network

This event is the fifth organised by the Old Industrial Knowledges Research 
Network of the Regional Studies Association, following highly successful 
events in Newcastle (2005), Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot (2006), Enschede (2007) and 
Prague (2008).  The venue for the 2010 event is Birmingham, UK, and call for 
papers for this event will follow in autumn 2009.


Thanks to the support of the Regional Studies Association, we are able to 
offer 10 bursaries to assist eligible attendees with their travel and 
accommodation costs.
The bursary is to the value of £150 and is redeemable through the Regional 
Studies Association office (details below) on presentation of receipts for 
eligible expenses.

Bursaries will be offered preferentially using the following criteria:
·        Member of the Regional Studies Association (from band 'b' to 'd' 
·        Offering an abstract for presentation at the conference
·        Student** or Early Career Researcher
·        No access to own research or travel funds

** these criteria will count double

Those wishing to apply for bursaries should include an additional paragraph 
in their abstract submission, or send one paragraph outlining their 
eligibility to the conference organisers.  The closing date for bursaries is 
31st December 2008, and successful awards will be announced early in January 

Practical Details

The event will be FREE TO ATTEND.
The DEADLINE for the submission of abstracts is the end of December 2008.

To submit an abstract, or for further information, please contact one of the 
three seminar organisers:

Paul Benneworth, Newcastle University (paul.benneworth at ncl.ac.uk)
Gert-Jan Hospers, Twente University (g.j.hospers at utwente.nl)
Rüdiger Hamm, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences 
(Ruediger.Hamm at hs-niederrhein.de)

Further information on the Regional Studies Association and details on how 
to join is available at the Association website:-
The Regional Studies Association is a registered charity (No. 1084165) and a 
company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (No. 4116288). 

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