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Global Socialisms and Postsocialisms

Soyuz Annual Symposium
April 24-26, 2009
Department of Anthropology
Yale University
New Haven, CT

The theme of this year's annual Soyuz symposium will be "Global
Socialisms and Postsocialisms." We invite ethnographically informed
and theoretically innovative papers that explore the ways in which
socialist and postsocialist areas of the world are implicated in all
manner of global and transnational processes. We are particularly
interested in papers that explore dynamics other than the
common--albeit important--story of global or transnational projects
arriving in and transforming formerly socialist populations. How
should we understand the flow of people, objects, concepts, and
linguistic and cultural forms among and out of socialist and
postsocialist states, rather than simply into them from "the West"?
How have socialist and postsocialist processes transformed the global
order outside of specific socialist or postsocialist states? To what
extent should we revise our understanding of socialisms and
postsocialisms as tied to specific places?

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

--Connections among socialist regions (USSR-Africa, for instance) and
their fates in the postsocialist era.
--Migration, shuttle trade, tourism, or other kinds of movement that
extend outward from the postsocialist world.
--Emergent regional or global imperial orders that have their centers
in socialist or postsocialist states.
--New approaches to Cold War-era differences and distinctions and
their post-Cold War trajectories.
--Global political or social movements, from NGOs to indigenous rights
organizations, as they make connections between and among
postsocialist areas of the world.
--Postsocialist variations on the spread of standards, regulatory
regimes, and other technologies associated with recent global

Although the symposium will retain much of its traditional focus on
Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union (as appropriate to the
current Soyuz membership), the organizing committee plans to invite
some papers and discussants whose focus on other world regions will
facilitate our efforts to theorize socialisms and postsocialisms in
wider contexts and configurations. Ivan Szelényi, William Graham
Sumner Professor of Sociology and Political Science, Yale University,
will deliver a keynote address.

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted by January 31,
2009 to Doug Rogers at the email address given below. Limited funds
will be available to defray travel costs for scholars who would
otherwise be unable to attend, particularly those based at
universities in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union.

Soyuz 2009 Organizing Committee:

Doug Rogers, chair
Mike McGovern
Sean Brotherton
Erik Harms
Susanna Fioratta

Please address all inquiries and abstracts to Doug Rogers
(douglas.rogers at yale.edu).

The 2009 Soyuz Symposium is supported by the following Yale University
units: the Department of Anthropology, the Center for Transnational
Cultural Analysis, the Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial
Fund, and the Councils on European, African, and East Asian Studies of
the Macmillan Center for International and Area Studies. 

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