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Call for Papers

 From Mobile Anthropologists to Anthropologies of Mobility
Canadian Anthropology Society/American Ethnological Society Joint Meeting
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, May 13-16, 2009

Organizer: Noel B. Salazar (University of Leuven)

This panel takes up the general conference theme, "Transnational 
Anthropologies: Convergences and Divergences in Globalized Disciplinary 
Networks". Long before transnationalism, globalization or 
cosmopolitanism became academic buzzwords, anthropologists already knew 
about these phenomena and processes as experience experts (although they 
not necessarily acknowledged them in their writings). With the present 
hype over global fluxes and flows, we tend to forget that many of 
anthropology’s founding scholars, including Franz Boas and Bronislaw 
Malinowski, were themselves migrants and that the latter put 
transcultural mobility at the heart of ethnographic practice. Not only 
the experience of “being there” produced invaluable insights that shaped 
the discipline, but also the act of traveling “out of place” played a 
determining role. The papers in this panel analyze how professional as 
well as personal engagements of anthropologists with a variety of 
mobilities (e.g. migration, translocal fieldwork, and global academic 
exchange via conferences, visiting programs, and online networks) 
strategically positions them within the social sciences to 
ethnographically describe, critically assess and theorize the current 
“mobility turn”.

If you are interested in participating, contact Noel B. Salazar 
(noel.salazar at soc.kuleuven.be) by 20 December 2008.
Please submit your name, your affiliation, a title, and abstract limited 
to 100 words. A maximum of five papers will be accepted (four in case a 
discussant will comment upon the papers). High-quality papers will be 
selected for publication.

More information about the conference is available online:

Please note: You must be a member in good standing of either CASCA 
(http://casca.anthropologica.ca/ab_memb_online.htm) or AES 
(http://dev.aaanet.org/membership/join.cfm), or become one, to 
participate in the conference.

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