[URBANTH-L]JOB: Editor-in-Chief, Human Organization

Benito Vergara vergara.benito at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 15:49:54 EDT 2008

The Society for Applied Anthropology announces a search for a new
Editor-in-Chief of Human Organization, a journal that has been
recognized as a leading scientific publication in applied anthropology
since its founding in 1941.  It is published four times annually and
is directed toward interdisciplinary as well as anthropological

The term of the current co-Editor team, David Griffith and Jeff
Johnson, ends in December, 2010.  The successor's term will begin on
January 1, 2011.  The search is being initiated now to provide for a
smooth transition.

The initial term of service for the new Editor-in-Chief will be three
years.  The term is renewable for one additional three-year period.
The Editor-in-Chief of Human Organization also serves as a member of
the Executive Committee of the Society for Applied Anthropology.

In addition to making at least a three-year commitment to the journal
and to serving on the SfAA Executive Committee, candidates for the
position should be able to secure release time (where possible) and
other institutional support to supplement SfAA resources, constitute
an Editorial Board, promote and cultivate the journal, and offer
editorial expertise and direction. Additional criteria include:

1.     Experience as a journal editor, associate or guest editor,
and/or editorial board experience

2.     A strong record of publication in applied social sciences

3.     A history of involvement in applied social science research/practice

Persons interested in applying for the position should provide the
Publications Committee early on with a letter of intent, which can
help initiate discussion and provide potential applicants with
necessary information.

The actual application should contain the following:
1.  A letter of interest that indicates the candidate's experience,
ideas, and vision for the journal, and any support (such as release
time, space, equipment and editorial assistance) that will be
available from the host institution
            2.  A letter of support from the institution
            3.  A copy of the candidate's vita or resume
            4.  A proposed budget

Additional material may be requested by the Publications Committee at
a later date.

The application deadline is September 15, 2009.  Applications should be sent to:
Society for Applied Anthropology, HO Editor Search, P.O. Box 2436,
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2436.   Questions concerning the position can
be directed to Nancy Schoenberg, Publications Committee Chair
(nesch at uky.edu).   We especially encourage interested individuals to
contact current editors David Griffith (GRIFFITHD at ecu.edu) and Jeff
Johnson (JOHNSONJE at ecu.edu).

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