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A call for papers for all students on this list from Arizona universities or
conducting research in the US southwest or US-Mexico border region, including
papers on topics not typically found in scholarly literature (e.g. student
fieldwork dilemmas).

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Arizona Anthropologist, the graduate student-run journal of the Department of
Anthropology, University of Arizona, is seeking submissions for Issue 20. For
this issue we have three categories of submission. We accept manuscripts in all
fields of anthropology by students meeting the following criteria:

- Open to all Arizona universities' undergraduate and graduate students. The
topic and geographical coverage are open.

- Open to all students. For students not studying at Arizona Universities,
however, the topic and geographical coverage are limited to the U.S. southwest
and/ or the U.S. south border region.

For the upcoming issue, in addition to traditional scholarly research articles,
we are also making a special request for less formal papers focusing on aspects
of fieldwork that are often rendered invisible in scholarly writing. Such topics
include (but are not limited to) students' experiences in adapting methodologies
to specific contexts, negotiating ethical dilemmas, struggling to develop
balanced and equitable representations, responding to changing field
conditions, gaining access and building trust, engaging in advocacy, meeting
multiple and often conflicting expectations of different stakeholders,etc.

These thematic papers should be relatively short (5-20 double-spaced pages),
avoid excessive use of citations, and be grounded in personal experience. We
believe that sharing some of the difficulties encountered and lessons learned
during our fieldwork will help prepare other graduate students for the

Please encourage reflect upon this important topic and submit a paper about your
fieldwork experiences to Arizona Anthropologist. As always, we also welcome
scholarly research articles in all fields of anthropology. Please submit papers
(e-mail to  honeyman at email.arizona.edu OR phaneuf at email.arizona.edu) for
consideration for publication in this issue by January 15, 2008.

Finally, the Arizona Anthropologist is continuing its relationship with the
University of Arizona Press. We are looking for reviewers of recent
books coming from the press, with particular emphasis on Anthropology, History,
and Latin American Studies. Reviews will be published, and perhaps best of all,
reviewers get to keep the book. Books can be found at:

Please visit our website (http://clubs.asua.arizona.edu/~azanthro/-) or contact
the editors for further information on submission guidelines and book reviews.

Thank you.

Derek D. Honeyman
Arizona Anthropologist
honeyman at email.arizona.edu

Victoria Phaneuf
Arizona Anthropologist
phaneuf at email.arizona.edu

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