[URBANTH-L]Housing Policy Debate volume 19 issue 3

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Dear Colleagues:

I am very pleased to alert you to the contents of Housing Policy 
Debate's annual Opolis issue (volume 19 issue 3), accessible under 
the following link:

Guest Editor's Introduction
Suburban Planning -- The Future Becomes the Past
Edward J. Blakely

The Decline of Older, Inner Suburbs in Metropolitan America
Bernadette Hanlon

Greater Cleveland's First Suburbs Consortium: Fighting Sprawl and 
Suburban Decline
W. Dennis Keating and Thomas Bier

The Spatial Transformation of First-Tier Suburbs, 1970 to 2000: The 
Case of Metropolitan Baltimore
Thomas J. Vicino

Mature Suburbs, Property Values, and Decline in the Midwest? The Case 
of Cuyahoga County
Katrin B. Anacker and Hazel A. Morrow-Jones

Innovation at the Edges of the Metropolis: An Analysis of Innovation 
Drivers in Sydney's Peripheral Suburbs
Cristina Martinez-Fernandez and Tavis Potts

Inconsistent Effects of a Feature on Home Prices -- Lang's Two-Market 
T. Paul Hutchinson

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