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Tue Sep 30 14:25:33 EDT 2008

Quadrant, a joint initiative of the University of Minnesota Press and the
Institute for Advanced Study, invites scholars pursuing interdisciplinary
work to apply for one of four semester-long residential fellowships to be
held in academic year 2009-2010 at the University of Minnesota. Applications
must be postmarked by November 1, 2008. Please note that the fellowship may
not be used for work toward a degree and is not open to faculty or staff at
the University of Minnesota.

Fellows will receive a stipend of up to $30,000, including the cost of
benefits, for one semester. During the tenure of their fellowship, they will
be in residence at the Institute for Advanced Study in Minneapolis and will
participate in at least one of Quadrant's faculty-led research and
publishing collaboratives: Design, Architecture, and Culture; Environment,
Culture, and Sustainability; Global Cultures; and Health and Society.
Fellows will either present a chapter-in-progress in a workshop setting with
their Group or give a public talk. Also while they are in residence, Fellows
will be able to work directly with University of Minnesota Press editors in
developing their work. They may submit work completed while on the
fellowship to the University of Minnesota Press for publication through its
standard peer review and faculty committee approval process.

Please direct any questions regarding the fellowship to Anne Carter at 
cart0227 at umn.edu.

Application Procedures:

To apply for a Quadrant Fellowship, please submit seven copies of the
following materials to the address given below:

Your research proposal (no longer than 1,500 words). Describe the research
or creative project you will undertake during your residence. Indicate which
of the four Quadrant Collaboratives you would like to join and include a
discussion of how participation in the Quadrant project would advance your
* An abstract of your proposal (200 words)
* A curriculum vitae
*  In addition, ask three people familiar with your work and this project to
submit letters of support directly to the address below.
All application materials, including letters of support, should be
postmarked no later than November 1, 2008, and mailed to:

Professor Ann Waltner, Director
Institute for Advanced Study
University of Minnesota
131 Nolte Center
315 Pillsbury Dr. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Fellowship offers will be made in February 2009.

Quadrant is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. To learn more, please
visit these web pages:

About Quadrant <http://www.ias.umn.edu/quadrant.php>

 <http://www.ias.umn.edu/quadrant.php#design> About Quadrant's Design,
Architecture, and Culture Group

Call for Applications <http://www.ias.umn.edu/quadrantapply.php>

If you have questions, please contact the Quadrant Coordinator, Anne Carter
<mailto:cart0227 at umn.edu> r, at cart0227 at umn.edu.

John Archer
Professor and Chair
Scholar of the College

Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
235 Nicholson Hall ­ University of Minnesota
Faculty Profile  http://cscl.umn.edu/people/facExp.php?UID=archer

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