[URBANTH-L] CFP: Emotion in Motion: The Passions of Tourism, Travel and Movement

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Fri Apr 17 11:39:05 EDT 2009

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This is a reminder of our forthcoming social sciences conference, "Emotion 
in Motion: The Passions of Tourism, Travel and Movement". The

Call for Papers will close in a little more than a week.

In line with previous conferences organised by the Centre for Tourism and 
Cultural Change, this event will once again bring together an 
interdisciplinary group of academics to discuss old and new ideas within the 
broad thematic fields of tourism, travel and movement. Please find more 
detailed information at the website of the www.tourism-culture.com.

Speakers to the conference will include, among others:

Nelson Graburn (The Dark is on the Inside: the honne of Japanese Exploratory 
Tim Edensor (The Embodied and Mobile Rhythms of Tourism)
Julia D. Harrison (Real Men do Real Work at the Cottage)
Bertram M. Gordon (World War II Tourism in France: A Reassessment)
Pamila Gupta (Of Passion and Compassion for Colonial Nostalgia in 
Mozambique )
Michael A. Di Giovine (The Passions of Pilgrimage: Promoting and Practicing 
Religious Tourism in Pietrelcina)
Kenneth Little (On the Nervous Edge of an Impossible Tropics)
Grant McCall (Finding the Centre/end: Passionate Travellers to an Emotional 
Maureen Mulligan (Behind the Lines": Women Travellers in War Zones, 
Wastelands and Waiting Rooms)

If you want to present a paper at this conference, please submit a 300-word 
abstract including title and full contact details by 1st May 2009.

Please send this as an electronic word file attachment to my email address, 
j.kuster at leedsmet.ac.uk.

Themes of particular interest include:

- Passions and Transgressions: Eroticism, Liminality, Carnival, Violence and 
Power in Tourism and Travel;
- Passions and Desires for Fluidity, Freedom, Friendship, Connection, 
Transhumance, Authenticity, Beauty;
- Passions and Flirts with Danger, Fear and Fantasy in Tourism and Travel;
- Passions and Joyful Sufferings: Epic Journeys, Mountain Liturgies and 
Touristic Activities that (may) Hurt;
- Passions and Stendhal Syndromes: Religious and Aesthetic Sublimation in 
Tourism, Pilgrimage and Travel;
- Passions and Consumptions: Pleasures and Symbolic Economies of Eating, 
Digesting, Excreting in Tourism;
- Passions and Morals in Tourism and Travel: Ambivalences of Encounter, 
Ethics, Moral and Legal Frames;
- Passions, Identity and the Making and Unmaking of 'Passions' in Culture 
and Social Performance;
- Economies and Politics of Passion in Tourism, Hospitality and Travel.

This conference will be preceded by the 11th RAI International Festival of 
Ethnographic Film, which we will also host here at the Centre for Tourism 
and Cultural Change in Leeds. A detailed programme and registration details 
for this event are now available at www.raifilmfest.org.uk.

With best wishes also from my colleagues and the conference convenors, David 
Picard, Simone Abram and Mike Robinson,
Jeremie Kuster.

Conference administrator
Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change
Leeds Metropolitan University
Old School Board 209
Calverley Street - Leeds
LS1 3ED United Kingdom

j.kuster at leedsmet.ac.uk

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