[URBANTH-L]Reminder: Council on Anthropology and Reproduction Graduate Paper Award Competition - JUNE 1

Elise Andaya elise.andaya at nyu.edu
Thu Apr 30 16:12:00 EDT 2009

The Council on Anthropology and Reproduction (CAR)=2C an interest group =
of the Society for Medical Anthropology=2C is pleased to announce its ni=
nth annual award competition for the best graduate student paper on anth=
ropology and reproduction=2E Submissions from all anthropological subdis=
ciplines are encouraged=2E

Criteria on which the papers will be judged=3A
=83=E6	  Ethnographic richness based on original fieldwork
=83=E6	  Anthropological methodology
=83=E6	  Linkage of work to literature in anthropology and reproduction
=83=E6	  Effective use of theory and data
=83=E6	  Originality/Creativity
=83=E6	 Organization=2C quality of writing=2C and coherence of argument

The papers will be read by a committee of CAR members=2E The author of t=
he winning paper will receive a cash award of approximately =24250=2E Th=
e winner will be announced in both the CAR Newsletter and the Anthropolo=
gy Newsletter=2C and an abstract will be published in the CAR Newsletter=

Submissions must be postmarked by June 1=2C 2009=2E  Please send four ha=
rd copies to=3A

Elise Andaya=2C Assistant Professor=2C Department of Anthropology=2C Uni=
versity at Albany=2C 1400 Washington Ave=2C Arts and Sciences Rm 241=2C =
Albany=2C NY 12222

Please do not include identifying information on the essay itself=2E On =
a separate page=2C include your name=2C mailing address=2C email address=
=2C and school affiliation=2E Papers should be double-spaced=2C no more =
than 9=2C000 words=2C and references should be formatted in American Ant=
hropologist style=2E Papers already published or accepted for publicatio=
n at time of submission are not eligible=2E Questions may be directed to=
 Elise Andaya at eandaya=40albany=2Eedu

Elise Andaya
Department of Anthropology =

New York University

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