[URBANTH-L]Petition in support of Raul Figueroa Sarti

Martha Lincoln martha.lincoln at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 12:29:42 EDT 2009

Here below is a letter from Professor Victoria Sanford, a professor at
Lehman College/CUNY Graduate Center, regarding the case of her husband.
Raul Figueroa Sarti is an independent publisher in Guatemala City who has
been arrested by the Guatemalan government on trumped up charges.

Victoria has devoted her career to documenting the Guatemalan state's abuses
against citizens. Her husband Raul, of F & G Editores, has supervised the
publication of numerous works that confront the government on its record of
genocide and human rights abuses.  Victoria is unable to go to Guatemala
because of threats.  She is asking for signatures to two documents, a
petition to appear in Guatemalan newspapers and an open letter to the
Attorney General of Guatemala.  Please sign the petition in support of Raul
and/or forwarding the below to your own networks.

Thank you,
Martha Lincoln

> Dear Friends,
Thank you all for your support.  A brief Update:  PEN America, Human Rights
First and the Washington Office on Latin America will be issuing statements
about Raul's case in the next few days.
Additionally, this week, we will run a full-page ad in the newspapers in
Guatemala and invite you to sign on.  Please find attached Open Letter to
the Attorney General of Guatemala that will be published in Guatemala.
To sign on to the letter, please email your name and country to the
following two emails:
Quienes estén en disposición de adherirse a la misma por favor enviar sus
adhesiones a las siguientes direcciones de correo electrónico:
informacion at fygeditores.com
<mailto:informacion at fygeditores.com<informacion at fygeditores.com>
raulfigueroasarti at gmail.com
<mailto:raulfigueroasarti at gmail.com<raulfigueroasarti at gmail.com>

Please include your name and country in your email
Además de su nombre, por favor indicar país.
We are deeply moved by your support.
Victoria y Raul
http://raulfigueroasarti.blogspot.com/ <

Martha Lincoln
Doctoral Candidate
Department of Anthropology
CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Avenue, Ste. 6406
New York, NY 10016

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