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'Social capital' has often been used as a conceptual tool in the social 
sciences for decades. Social capital has been defined and used as a powerful 
explanatory agent in a myriad of ways and through a variety of contexts. 
Almost all disciplines have included in their research frameworks the 
characteristics and value of social capital; from development economics to 
social psychology; from social health research to education attainment 
studies, from criminology to anthropology. Social capital is not without its 
critics however, and as such is a significant and broadly used framework 
that its critics described as outdated and problematic particularly in 
relation to measurement.

Because of its significance and also the controversies associated with this 
concept, the International Journal of Social Inquiry (IJSI) is pleased to 
announce a special issue that focuses on social capital, its application and 
its critics from a range of disciplines that have been influenced by this 
concept. While empirical papers are strongly encouraged, theoretical and 
conceptual contributions that address issues arising from the debates about 
social capital within social science research are particularly welcome. 
Contributors may choose such topics;

- Understanding social capital in unusual ways

- Misunderstanding and misusing social capital

- Measuring and alternative measuring of social capital

- Bonding and bridging social capital

- Criticising social capital research

- Theoretical roots of social capital and debate between them: Bourdieu vs. 

vs. Putnam

- Social capital, social cohesion and solidarity

- Social capital effects to job seeking

- Social capital in youth studies

- Social capital and educational attainment

- Citizenship research and social capital

- Welfare and social capital

- NGOs and social capital

- Social capital and Third World welfare regimes

- Anthropological Relevance and social capital

- Social capital and social mobility

- Poverty reduction effects of social capital

- Social capital and crime

- Social capital and health

- Neo - liberal agenda, World Bank reports and social capital

- And other related topics

The details for submission of manuscripts are available on the Journal 
website at


The papers for this edition are due by the 1st of October, 2009.

International Journal of Social Inquiry (IJSI) is a peer reviewed 
interdisciplinary journal publishing theoretical and empirical work that 
uses a variety of methodological approaches that advance the study of social 
science that is related to the whole spectrum of society.

The International Journal of Social Inquiry is published by Uludag 
University Social Sciences Institute, in collaboration with RMIT University, 
James Cook University and Washington State University. 

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