[URBANTH-L]Possible AAA Panel: Cities, Sustainabilty and Globalization

Gary McDonogh gmcdonog at brynmawr.edu
Fri Feb 6 15:05:55 EST 2009

Dear Colleagues,

     I am looking for AAA panels that already are taking shape (or people interested in constituting such a panel) around issues of sustainability and globalization with a particularly urban concentration.  My paper will draw on work in Barcelona (Catalonia/Spain) examining ideologies of nature and urban identity as they have changed in the past two decades, as well as how they have been constructed in relation to other urban issues like diversity and social justice.  Other themes that certainly occur to me for linkages include urban practices of sustainability, political and economic debates, themes of social justice and division, and relations of cities to regions or states.  Please contact me directly if you are interested or have already begun working around this theme (gmcdonog at brynmawr.edu)
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