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You might be interested in the work of Louisa Stark. She's an urban anthropologist (was teaching as an adjunct anthropology professor at Arizona State University, but I'm not sure if that's still the case with all the recent budget woes and staff cuts at ASU) and is the executive director for the Community Housing Partnership in Phoenix, Arizona (a nonprofit concerned with helping very low-income families find and secure affordable housing). 

A good portion of her anthropological research, professional work, and activism has centered on various homelessness issues (mostly in the United States), so you might want to do Web and online library searches for her articles, books, etc.

--Kerri Flanagan

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>Hello Everyone,
>     I am teaching a fieldwork course on Tokyo Homeless--which a large and
>growing problem in neoliberal Japan. I am looking for a reader on the
>cross-cultural issues, including research, of homelessness. Has anyone used
>one with any particular success?
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