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I work in Child Protective Services as an Investigator of Severe and Sexual Abuse. We have an entire unit dedicated to keeping kids from "disrupting" a placement.  I'll ask to see what literature is available. 

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I'm trying to find ANY ethnographic literature done on youth in group home settings, as well as any literature on how youth cope with/adapt to displacement (for any reason -- child welfare system, migration, warfare, etc.).  Although I have come across many readings about how/why displacement occurs (war, damn building, etc.) - I have seen virtually nothing on how youth manage these experiences.  I'm intentionally trying to avoid traditional psych style research on coping, and am interested in how youth make meaning of these experiences, how they reform social networks, what kinds of resources they use to re-establish material stability/security, and a sense of connection and belonging.  Any ideas would be very much appreciated! 
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